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Lyndon Ricks

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Clients have described Lyndon as “a businessman who is also a lawyer.” For 35 years, he has served small and large businesses.

As a Martindale Hubbell AV rated attorney since the 90’s, Lyndon is a trusted adviser to clients whose businesses cover a broad spectrum of industries including minor league baseball, food product manufacturing, hotel development, acquisition and management, clean coke, pharmacogenic testing, precision metal fabrication, crowdfunding broker/dealer, health services to native americans, hedge funds, investment advisers, point of sale and e-commerce solutions, aftermarket automotive products.

Practice Areas

  • Corporate
  • Commercial
  • Securities
  • Mergers

170 South Main Street
Suite 1000
Salt Lake City
Utah 84101
Salt Lake City, Utah

+1 (801) 924 4103

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