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MSI Virtual North America Senior Partners Meetings

Join MSI's virtual meetings for our American membership.

Focusing on critical business issues (e.g. recruitment, remote work, succession, business development). This year, we will split the groups by professions: law firm leaders and accounting firm leaders. While many management issues are the same, we know there are differences in approach and strategy between law and accounting firms. Like our past physical meetings, lawyers and accountants can share industry trends/best practices and discuss how to leverage our collective strengths.

These meetings are aimed at senior partners (or in their absence, one of the MSI firm contacts) and will be held on Zoom on the following days:

  • North America Law Firms’ Meeting: Tues, Feb 2 at 12PM EDT
  • North America Accounting Firms’ Meeting: Thurs, Feb 4 at 12PM EDT

Please contact the MSI Secretariat if you would like to register for either of the above meetings.



Start time: 12PM EDT


02 - 04 Feb 2021


Francesca Di Mattia-Paradine