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ECIJA Integrum

Guatemala City, Guatemala

ECIJA Integrum is a three-partner law firm located in Guatemala City. ECIJA Integrum is a full-service law firm with specialist experience providing legal counseling services to local and international corporations.

ECIJA Integrum is composed of legal practitioners, and a carefully selected team, with acknowledged experience in legal counseling services.

The strategic objective of ECIJA Integrum is to identify and position its brand as a firm, independently of its partners, and have it associated to a prestigious corporate image that communicates -by itself- its core commitment with ethical values, the excellence, and the quality of legal services offered.

Therefore, ECIJA Integrum evolved from a traditional law firm traditional to an entrepreneurial organization, achieving the consolidation of a high-performance team. In addition, supported by its plentiful experience and reputation in local and transnational companies, ECIJA Integrum expanded its scope of offered services, in order to satisfy the requirements of our current and potential clients

Practice Areas

  • Corporate Law
  • Labor Law
  • Arbitration
  • Civil, Commercial and Administrative Litigation
  • Constitutional Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Tax Law
  • Visa and Work Permits
  • Real Estate Law
  • Legal Audit


  • Oil Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Merchandising and Information, and Technology Companies
  • Agribusiness
  • Telecommunications
  • Real Estate Projects
  • International Organizations and Diplomatic Missions
  • Governmental Agencies and Offices
  • Non-governmental Organizations


Please direct all enquiries and requests for information to the Primary International Contact Partner listed below which has been identified for the selected MSI member firm.

Primary Contact

Luis Pablo Cobar Bernard


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Additional Contacts

Marcos Palma


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Edson Lopez


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18 calle 24-69 Zona 10
Empresarial Zona Pradera, Torre 3
Nivel 12, Oficina 1208
01010 Guatemala

+(502) 2259 1200