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Rufus v. Rhoades

Los Angeles, California, USA

Rufus v. Rhoades provides tax consulting to law firms, accounting firms, and international trust companies. He specializes in international tax, foreign tax issues, non-resident issues, and provides expert testimony for international taxation matters.

Rufus v. Rhoades provides legal advice with respect to the impact of U.S. and California tax laws on cross-border transactions; that is, transactions that, for a U.S. person, involve another country and for foreign, non-U.S. persons, transactions that involve the United States.

The various issues that Rufus Rhoades advises on include U.S. residency by a foreign person; foreign residency by a U.S. person; foreign operations by a U.S. business; U.S. operations by a foreign business; the impact of the U.S. gift and estate tax on U.S. based assets held by a foreign person.

Practice Areas

  • Tax
  • International tax
  • Foreign tax issues
  • Non-resident issues
  • Expert testimony


  • All sectors


Please direct all enquiries and requests for information to the Primary International Contact Partner listed below which has been identified for the selected MSI member firm.

Primary Contact

Rufus Rhoades


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299 North Euclid
2d Floor
California 91101

+(1) 626 795 5222