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Join MSI

Benefits & Resources

MSI member firms benefit from the wide range of valuable services offered by our London Secretariat team. We strive to give our independent member firms the tools, resources and trusted contacts they need to flourish in their local markets.


Each member firm is the only one of its kind in its respective jurisdiction, maximising client referral opportunities from fellow member firms around the world.

Professional Development & Networking

A programme of professionally produced conferences and meetings at local, regional and national levels gives you valuable opportunities to network with other members, to learn from leading speakers in the industry, share practice management information and technical expertise.

Specialist Interest Groups & Knowledge Sharing

Regular conferencing forums to allow members to participate in business leading subjects to share best practice and to receive industry updates.

Facilitating Referrals

The MSI Secretariat is available to help members make connections within the association and to assist in the referral process.

Branding Resources

Membership gives you the ability to promote your firm as a carefully selected member of one of the world’s leading international associations of independent legal and accounting firms.

Members-only Intranet

Our members-only intranet gives you access to a wide variety of information and resources.

Staff Exchange Programme

Our informal secondment programme offers your employees the opportunity to spend time working at an MSI member firm in another country.


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