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USA: Senate approves bill to improve electronic health care system

14th April 2016

This article by MSI's Louisiana law firm member Taylor Porter focuses on the growing concern of health information technology issues and a new federal bill being introduced to help regulate electronic health record systems.

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Taylor Porter's former partner Robert Hodges honoured for 65 years of practice

14th April 2016

MSI's Louisiana law firm member Taylor Porter is delighted to announce that one of their former partners, Robert Hodges, was honoured for 65 years of legal practice at the Baton Rouge Bar Association's annual Opening of Court, Memorial and New Member ceremony.

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MSI Global Alliance appoints four new member firms

8th April 2016

MSI Global Alliance appoints new member firms in Latin America and Fiji.

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New Family Lawyers at Aitken Partners

5th April 2016

MSI's Melbourne law firm member Aitken Partners has restrctured its family law team with two rising stars Sharmini Subramanian and David De Alwis.

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