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USA: Top five IRS refund myths

8th March 2017

MSI's Ohio accounting member Corrigan Krause shares an interesting article by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) dispelling some common myths about your tax refund.

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Non-UK domiciled taxpayer changes

1st March 2017

HMRC have now issued draft legislation clarifying many of the fast approaching changes to the taxation of long term non-UK domiciled individuals. MSI's London based accounting member haysmacintyre explains further.

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UK signals green light for driverless cars

10th March 2017

It is not long ago that the idea of driverless cars was confined to visions of the future portrayed in film and TV. However, driverless technology is fast becoming a reality, with companies like Google and Tesla taking the lead and many vehicles now commonly utilising features which make decisions for the driver such as cruise control, ABS and self-parking. MSI's Northern UK law member Myerson explains further.

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USA: 10 important tax-related developments for 2017

20th February 2017

Several significant tax developments happened last year that may affect federal income tax returns that individual and business taxpayers file in 2017. MSI’s Maryland accounting member Rubino & Company outlines 10 key changes that you should be aware of during this tax season.

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