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USA: Before you hire a lobbyist, read this

28th April 2017

As the long session of the North Carolina General Assembly quickly approaches, many businesses and organisations are thinking about what might happen during the upcoming session. Those thoughts often evolve into a discussion about whether an organisation needs to hire a lobbyist to represent its interests in the legislative and executive branches of government. MSI's South Carolina and Georgia law member Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP provides some interesting insights into this matter.

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Isle of Man Financial Assistance Scheme

3rd April 2017

For Isle of Man companies wanting to expand, the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) aims to encourage diversification of the local economy. MSI's Isle of Man member Dixcart Management Ltd. explains further.

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China labour law: Hiring & firing in China

27th March 2017

Knowing the labour laws of any country is essential for conducting business with or within that country. China is no exception. The labour laws are written to protect employee's rights. This is not to imply that businesses have no power over decisions regarding their employees, but rather to ensure that employees in China are treated fairly. Overall labour laws are quite comprehensive in China and not that different from those in many European countries. MSI's Chinese accounting firm LehmanBrown Limited explains further.

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Brazil: New bid for power transmission lines

3rd April 2017

On 9 March 2017, the Brazilian electricity regulatory agency for the power sector ANEEL approved a new bid process for the granting of transmission power line concessions in 35 areas. The bid is scheduled to take place on 24 April 2017 and includes new areas, older areas that did not receive offers in prior bids as well as concessions that have been revoked. MSI's Brazilian law member Vieira Coelho Advogados explains further.

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