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The Isle of Man: A safe harbour

5th December 2016

There are a number of reasons why individuals and companies may wish to relocate to the Isle of Man. Traditionally the Isle of Man has been considered a low tax jurisdiction and whilst tax rates are competitive, there are other factors for relocating there. MSI's Isle of Man specialist member Dixcart Management (IOM) Limited highlights the relocation advantages for businesses and individuals.

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The Portuguese Comandita Structure and the benefits it offers

15th November 2016

The Portuguese Comandita Structure can offer a number of advantages to individuals in jurisdictions such as Austria and Germany where special tax treatments are applicable to partnerships. MSI's Portuguese specialist member Dixcart Trust Corporate Limited provides more information on this topic.

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A shrinking world: A major extradition case in New Zealand

10th November 2016

MSI's New Zealand law member Keegan Alexander reports on its recent major extradition case involving cloud storage company Megaupload.

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Australia: When will a contractor be considered an employee?

10th November 2016

It is important to know the differences between an employee and a contractor as this will affect your responsibilities, tax and super. If you incorrectly treat your employees as contractors, you risk having to pay penalties and charges. Genevieve Lakey from MSI's Melbourne law member Aitken Partners looks into the subject matter.

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