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Belgium: Major change in the regulation of B2B relations

12th April 2019

Starting from the observation that the current provisions of the Code of Economic Law would not make it possible to ensure an effective level of protection for companies in a position of weakness or even economic dependence on other companies, the Belgian legislator adopted on 21 March 2019 a new law introducing three sets of new rules into the Code aimed at regulating relations between companies (B2B). Grégory Sorreaux and Catherine Thiry from MSI's legal member firm THALES provide further insight on the new legislation.

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Estate planning and tax considerations for nonresident aliens

4th April 2019

Estate planning is not just for U.S. citizens and residents. Many nonresident aliens face unique estate planning concerns if they own U.S. real estate or other property located in the U.S. that they wish to gift or transfer at the time of their death. Generally, nonresident aliens are non-citizens and nonresidents of the U.S. who may temporarily reside in the U.S., but have an intention to return to their home country. That is, they do not have a “domicile” in the U.S. for gift and estate tax purposes. MSI's law firm member Bowditch & Dewey LLP provides further insight.

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Renewing or registering a trademark in Venezuela is now sanctionable in the US

4th April 2019

MSI member firms represent clients with interests around the world. Some may currently have or may be interested in obtaining intellectual property rights in Venezuela. By a twist of political international gamesmanship, registering a trademark or patent in Venezuela could violate US law and expose your client to sanctions. Jorge Espinosa attorney at MSI's law firm member Espinosa Martinez PL provides an update.

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Dissolution of marriage in Fiji

25th February 2019

The Family Law Act governs dissolution of marriages in Fiji. Fiji has adopted a “no fault basis” of dissolution of marriages. This means that a party seeking to dissolve a marriage is not required to establish the “fault” of the other party. There however 2 key grounds that must be met before the Courts will grant the dissolution of marriage. MSI's legal member firm AP legal in Fiji explains further.

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