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Anguilla: Employment law advice guidance for employers and employees

15th April 2020
Sarah Barrington - WEBSTER LP

During the COVID 19 pandemic there will be an in-creasing number of employers who will need to take certain measures in relation to their businesses. There will also be employees who will need to know their rights when such measures are taken. MSI's Anguilla law member Webster LP provides an update helping to guide employers and employees.

Download the Employment Law Advice covering the following issues:

  1. Self isolation
  2. Unilateral self isolation
  3. Health and safety obligations under the law
  4. Employees’ privacy
  5. The economic impact on businesses

About WEBSTER LP - The Valley

WEBSTER is a leading law firm in Anguilla and Nevis, providing global reach through quality associations worldwide, while delivering the highest standards of advice and service.

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