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Building on stability: Malta Budget 2017

9th November 2016

Michelle de Maria, Chetcuti Cauchi

In October 2016, Malta's Finance Minister, Edward Scicluna, presented the Malta Budget 2017. MSI's Malta law member Chetcuti Cauchi provides a brief budget update.

The Malta budget 2017 shows a drive to continue building on the country’s successes and the initiatives in previous budgets which have led to economic growth and increase in employment.

The Malta budget 2017 outlines plans to continue to strengthen the economy and increase incentives for people to seek gainful employment and to assist youths to acquire the skill necessary for Malta’s key industries through investment in academic and vocational education.

It also reinforces the government’s continued support of the financial services industry and its commitment to forge ahead to ensure that Malta remains a competitive yet compliant jurisdiction within a rapidly evolving international landscape.

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