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Burnetts unveils new HQ

12th June 2018

MSI's Carlisle law member Burnetts' new headquarters has been unveiled to staff in advance of the firm’s relocation.

On Tuesday 5th June and Thursday 7th June, the firm’s 151 staff and partners enjoyed guided tours of two new buildings and had time to explore their new home. Until this week, access had been largely restricted to the project team.

The law firm relocated to the outskirts of Carlisle, Cumbria on Monday 11th June. The move is expected to be complete by the end of June 2018.

The unveiling included coffee and a welcome breakfast in the firm’s new Welcome Hub, a modern conference area which will be used for formal and informal meetings. As well as a suite of stylishly decorated meeting rooms, the Welcome Hub features a sound-proofed “huddle” in Burnetts trademark pink and grey and a tall sofa area with built-in television screen. There is also a stooled sharing table with phone charging points and deep armchairs with laptop tables.

Following breakfast, Burnetts’ team was given a guided tour of the buildings where they found custom-designed and purpose-built furnishings.  The work-space is open-plan but includes modern break-out areas and space for project working, training and quiet zones for research or complex drafting.

The largest work area is enhanced by a 5m photographic artwork featuring Carlisle landmarks such as the castle, the cathedral and the racecourse. There are also artworks depicting the firm’s core values: committed, grounded, accessible and expert.

These core values and Burnetts’ Mission and Vision were a focus of the event. Having toured the buildings, Burnetts’ staff congregated in a first floor Lounge, to see a video featuring Managing Partner Nick Gutteridge, and many other team members, talking about the relevance and importance of Burnetts’ values.

Nick said, “No matter how many times you have seen the plans, the first thing you think when you arrive is “Wow”! Creating a workplace which is streets ahead is a major investment in Carlisle, in our clients and in our people. Being the employer of choice means we can bring the very best service and the highest levels of expertise to our clients. We are moving towards new and better ways of working so that we can be more efficient and better connected for our clients. It is a great time to be at Burnetts.”

CBS Fit Out in Lancaster project managed the design and transformational works of the new buildings.

For the latest updates on Burnetts’ re-location including who’s moving when, visit