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CKH CPAs & Advisors is seeking partners to assist in local statutory compliance

5th February 2020

MSI's Georgia accounting member CKH CPAs & Advisors has recently experienced substantial growth and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With vast expansions resulting in eight offices across the globe, CKH is in a unique position that allows for the application of multinational cross-border professionals to assist in a multitude of financial and tax disciplines.

As the firm continues to grow, CKH is pushing for new and innovative ideas on how to offer its services in a more diverse way while fully utilizing its gained perspective on various types of work. One such endeavor – which was originally presented in October 2019 at the MSI International Conference in Madrid – is CKH’s European Financial Shared Services (FSS) Initiative. This project is led by managing partner Nico Meyer and engagement managers Zack Gasimov and Kateryna Goloshchuk, and currently encompasses the following areas of focus:

  • Local Statutory Compliance (where assistance from MSI partners is primarily needed)
  • General Ledger/Record to Report
  • Accounts Receivable/Order to Cash
  • Accounts Payable/Procure to Pay

As the initial concept of FSS becomes more and more practiced, the results and benefits are becoming increasingly evident, such as increased diversity in solutions found; significant decreases in cost (thus leading to competitive rates); enhanced perspective on a variety of global business strategies and processes; and an increased presence in the global scope of businesses in accounting, tax, legal, and consulting.

The increased knowledge gained from a variety of perspectives has allowed CKH to differentiate itself from its competitors. Where the industry average is to treat work as a repetitive process, we strive to be the ultimate technicians of business in that we constantly look for unique and varying solutions to meet the specific needs/requirements of our clients. One such example is how CKH has successfully developed carve-out financial statements and divestiture accounting for the sale of the battery division of a leading multinational public company.

For any MSI members interested in partnering with CKH in their European FSS Initiative, please send an email to There is a need for local geography statutory expertise and support.

To learn more about CKH, please visit their website at

About CKH CPAs & Advisors - Atlanta

CKH CPAs & Advisors is a CPA-led business advisory firm, offering powerful financial solutions to individuals, SMEs and corporations, both public and private.

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