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Competition Law: An instrument for solving current national problems

14th September 2016
Pablo Cóbar and Marcos Palma, Integrum

MSI's Guatemalan law member Integrum provides an overview on competition law in Guatemala. The article also relates to other Latin American competition laws.

At some point it can become difficult to write a decent article, without taking the risk to sound boring, especially if it is a subject that has been widely addressed in its most important aspects. Such is the case of the status of the approval of the Competition Law and the corresponding Initiative 5074, which has been widely studied and criticised, both positively and negatively, so it’s not worth adding anything more in that matter. However, it does not mean that there is nothing important to share, especially because as the Competition Law Institute of Competition Law , we have remained active around this topic, and because certainly there are other important aspects related to the Competition Act, which have been unnoticed, so it’s time to talk about them with and open mind and vision.

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This article is available to download in Spanish

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