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Dessewffy & David enters into partnership with Stadler & Bellak Law Office

9th July 2018

Aimed at broadening the firm's scope of services and to increase its professional competence, MSI's Budapest law member Dessewffy & Dávid and Partners Law Firm entered into partnership of attorneys with Stadler & Bellák Law Office.

The new partnership will operate under the name of Dessewffy and Dávid, Stadler, Bellák Partnership of Attorneys.

In addition, Aliz Dávid, partner of Dessewffy & Dávid and Partners Law Firm in Budapest and her team is working closely with the Hungarian Government on the regulation of automated and electric mobility. Alíz is leading the “Regulation and standardization” workgroup of the Hungarian Mobility Platform established by Hungarian Innovation and Technology Minister, dr. László Palkovics. In June she took part in the fifth session of the Hungarian-Israeli Joint Committee for Economic Cooperation and also made her welcome speech on the yearly E-mobility conference.