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Do the right things when doing business in Norway

19th February 2018
Martin Wikborg (Magnus Legal)

Non-Norwegian enterprises doing business in Norway will find that the basic Norwegian compliance obligations are rather burdensome, and failure to comply commonly results in severe sanctions. As always, it is better to do the right things from the beginning than to tidy up afterwards. MSI's Norwegian law member Magnus Legal provides further insight.

This article gives a brief overview of the required actions applicable in 2018 to foreign companies with business operations in Norway, including information on registration, reporting and tax liability in Norway. For more information download our extended practical guide here.

The most essential topics that foreign companies must consider when conducting business in Norway are:

What kind of legal entity?

Each enterprise must consider which entity that best suits its particular purpose, taking into account commercial considerations, tax and VAT issues, compliance and administrative costs, limitation of liability, etc. The most common alternatives are:

  • Branch, called “NUF” in Norway (may create permanent establishment for tax purposes)
  • Limited Liability Company (AS or ASA)
  • Partnership and joint venture (ANS, DA, KS)
  • Sole proprietorship

Enterprise registration

Everyone that conducts business activities within Norway must register with the centralised Registry at Brønnøysund. The Registry provides the enterprise with a Norwegian ID number, called “organisation number” or “”. Such is required when entering into contracts, invoicing, reporting, communicating with public authorities, etc.

Read the full article Do the right things when doing business in Norway here

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