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Ecuador: Guidelines for the COVID-19 outbreak

8th April 2020

Through Executive Decree No. 1017, on March 16, the President of the Republic declared a state of emergency by national disaster in the Ecuadorian territory due to the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country and the pandemic declaration of COVID-19 by the World Health Organization. MSI's Ecuador law member Expertiseadvisor Abogados summarises the measures taken.

Among others, the right to free transit was suspended, as well as the right to freedom of assembly and public gatherings – it was determined that the Committee of National Emergency Operations would dispose the schedules and restriction mechanisms to each one of these rights. Additionally, the working day was suspended both for the public and private sectors. Currently, by decree from the aforementioned Committee of National Emergency Operations, the working day is suspended until April 12, 2020.

Download an overview of the most relevant aspects and measures that affect certain sectors and economic activities >>

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