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García Menéndez Abogados advises on major antitrust case

8th September 2017
Pauline Rottstock

MSI’s Argentine law member García Menéndez Abogados is currently representing a client in one of the most important antitrust cases of the year which is related to maritime pilotage.

The firm’s client (a group of companies that act in the main ports of Argentina) is accused to be the leader of a hard-core cartel involved in price-fixing the pilotage services in the main ports of Argentina.

The case, which has been widely reported in the Argentine news over the past few months due to its importance and that has been mentioned during a recent speech on the industry by President Mauricio Macri, caused a major strike in Argentina’s main ports and paralyzed the international maritime commerce for a period of days.

Many maritime pilot associations around the world are keeping a close eye on the developments of this case as it could have a major impact on the maritime commerce in their own countries.

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