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MSI German members gather for annual spring meeting

13th April 2017

On 6th April 2017 MSI's German members gathered in Bremen at the offices of MSI member firm Ahlers & Vogel for their annual spring meeting.

Members first got together two years ago with the aim to strengthen collaboration and knowledge exchange between German member firms. This is the fourth meeting where responsible partners of MSI’s German member firms got together to share their experiences with MSI and to discuss recent topics of general interest.

Among other issues, the 19 attendees discussed best practice measures for recruiting new and highly skilled professionals as well as support staff and how to use social media for marketing purposes. Attendees also reflected on the discussions of their last meeting which was hosted by MSI’s German accounting member Wortmann & Partner.

Following the meeting session, attendees enjoyed an informal dinner at Bremen’s private business club Havanna Lounge and the opportunity to network with fellow colleagues. The dinner was followed by an entertaining sightseeing tour on foot guided by Burkhard Klüver, lawyer at Ahlers & Vogel.