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Internship arrangements: Irish law member Orpen Franks & French law member Nova Partners

6th October 2017

Following an original idea from Alexandra Venediger of MSI's French law member Nova Partners in Marseille, MSI's Irish law member Orpen Franks Solicitors in Dublin and Nova Partners looked at creating an internship opportunity for a French student.

Nova Partners recently presented the ‘Business Law Institute’ award for the best student graduate from the University of Law in Marseille (LLM) in corporate law (French Master 2 in corporate law at the University of Aix-en-Provence). Traditionally the prize package included an internship within a law firm and, as a result of our contact at MSI meetings, Orpen Franks agreed to provide this opportunity to the candidate involved.

Peter Walsh, managing partner of Orpen Franks, said, “We were delighted when Manon Volle joined Orpen Franks on the six month internship in July of 2017. Manon has worked with our corporate team on a variety of transactions and projects and provided advices and input across a range of subjects in this area.It has been a great experience for Orpen Franks from a cultural and professional perspective.

Manon has had an opportunity to encounter the different way of conducting business and transactions in this jurisdiction. She has also been exposed to the common law system of Irish law and has enjoyed the life in Dublin. This has been a great initiative and very beneficial for all involved and we would look forward to seeing this programme repeated and replicated across the MSI group.”