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Melbourne Divorce Network launches new approach to family law

10th May 2016

A new solution to the issues around separation and divorce has been launched in Melbourne.

The Melbourne Divorce Network is a partnership between several professional services firms with family law expertise and a number of health and well-being specialists in Australia.

Ed Clark, a principal at MSI’s legal member firm Aitken Partners which is also MDN’s law firm partner, said the integration of the professional services into the network was logical, but the addition of several members of the medical profession was critical.

“Over the many years we have been involved in providing family law advice it has been obvious that separation and divorce is a stressful time for those involved,” he said. “People deal with stress in different ways, but we know those who deal with stress more effectively and are on top of their health and well-being make better decisions for themselves in the long run.”

“So for the Melbourne Divorce Network it was critical for us to get a number of people from outside the usual legal and accounting circles. We will continue to grow this area of the Network with more psychologists, psychiatrists and whatever other health professionals we believe can help our clients.”

“Our goal is to have an extensive list of health and well-being specialist across as much of Melbourne as possible. We encourage anyone interested in joining the network to contact us.”

Some of the members of Melbourne Divorce Network include accounting firms with different specialisations, such as Advantage Advisors, Worrells and Lavelle & Co, along with financial planner Blue Sky Financial Planning, property and business valuers Hay Property and forensic psychology firm PsyLegal.