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Moneris launches mobile app to plan and manage tax payments

5th June 2020

MSI's Portuguese accounting member Moneris continues to invest strongly in the digital world. The firm is delighted to announce the launch of its new mobile app allowing you to plan and manage your tax payments. The app includes the features and information required to enable solid decision making.

This new app, a first for consultancy in Portugal, allows users to manage the paperless payment of taxes and contributions for one or several companies in real time.

Furthermore, users of this Moneris App can receive tax alerts, the updated taxation schedule, a salary simulator, and the most important management news, updated on a daily basis. A specific COVID-19 news service is also included, as well as a feature that puts the user in direct and quick contact with the highly reputed Moneris team.

At a time when a new normal is making daily lives increasingly digital, when more and more people are adopting telework, when digitalisation and automation processes will only accelerate, and when technological tools will revolutionise how professional services are rendered, Moneris is one step ahead when it comes to innovation and value creation.

The Moneris App can be installed from Google Play (for Android) and the App Store (for iOS) and is free of charge, with all the features available for Moneris clients.

The app launch is another step in Moneris’ digitalisation process to ensure the company remains a benchmark and leader in the sector’s technological innovation. Automation, artificial intelligence and digital mobility are all concepts that Moneris has incorporated into its daily routine.

Click here for more information about the Moneris App and how to download it


About Moneris Group - Lisbon

Moneris has a customer-focused approach with an integrated offering of services and solutions that enables organizations to achieve 360-degree management support by promoting excellence in financial reporting and improving critical decision-making processes aimed at their success.

We are the largest Portuguese accounting and management support group in Portugal with a network of 20 offices supported by approximately 300 consultants.

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