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Moneris presents new digital positioning

3rd December 2019

MSI's Portuguese accounting member Moneris’ strategy for innovation and digital transformation is based on new practices, new languages, new channels, new tools and new technologies, that enable a constant ability to adapt and respond to the market requirements.

In 2019, as a result of this renewed positioning, Moneris moved forward with a rebranding process and strengthened its presence on social media, especially on LinkedIn and Facebook, with a digital footprint based on knowledge and thought leadership.

Moneris launched also a new Intranet that is the internal corporate tool for employees.

It was also a year of investing in the quality and integrity of information, as well as the automation of several administrative and bureaucratic processes, which allows the refocus of resources on customers.

Now Moneris presents its new website, lighter and simpler, with a modern and dynamic image, which conveys the comprehensive, global and innovative vision of this organization. This new website provides more and better content and enhances the integration with social media.

Moneris is on the road to innovation, modernization, digitization and digital transformation. And there is no way back!

About Moneris Group - Lisbon

Moneris has a customer-focused approach with an integrated offering of services and solutions that enables organizations to achieve 360-degree management support by promoting excellence in financial reporting and improving critical decision-making processes aimed at their success.

We are the largest Portuguese accounting and management support group in Portugal with a network of 20 offices supported by approximately 300 consultants.

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