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News & Knowledge

MSI Australia & New Zealand: April news-round up

12th April 2019

Each month MSI publishes a selection of articles written by MSI member firms in Australia & New Zealand highlighting important topical issues in the region.

Legal obligations in a commercial lease
by Lachlan Commins, Patterson Houen & Commins, Lawyers, Sydney

You own a business and you are about to enter a lease for your new premises. You have decided to save your money and not employ the services of your solicitor cousin Barry to handle the negotiations for the lease. You employed a solicitor the last time you took up a commercial lease and you now know (or you think you know) what the most important things are to look out for in a commercial lease (besides, you regularly binge-watch “Suits” and consider yourself a legal maestro).

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Is Capital Gains Tax coming to NZ?
by Michael Woodward, Mackay Bailey, Accountants, Christchurch, NZ

Recently, the tax Working Group led by the former Minister of Finance in the previous Labour Government – Sir Michael Cullen, released their much awaited recommendations. While there is a long road to be travelled before the recommendations become law, the current government has signalled a strong preference towards the introduction of a capital gains tax. The government has indicated that it will release a response to the recommendations in April with any changes to be implemented by the 2021 tax year at the earliest.

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