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News & Knowledge

MSI Australia & New Zealand: August news-round up

15th August 2017

Each month MSI publishes a selection of articles written by its AusNZ member firms highlighting important topical issues in the Australia & New Zealand region.

The importance of protecting your brand

By Justin Marschke & Brent Weston, Tucker & Cowen, Solicitors, Brisbane.

The success of a business, and especially a franchise network, is closely tied to the goodwill and reputation associated with its branding. Implementing a system to protect and enhance brand and intellectual property (IP) rights that add value to your business can be achieved by following these steps.

Payroll is not a dirty word

By Robert Moore, MSI Taylor, Accountants, Brisbane.

Technology has advanced in recent years, but small business do not seem to have caught on. The most benefits come to businesses that have payroll which has complexities – multiple locations, different shifts, part and full-time, multiple awards, multiple allowances and so on. Some of the key features of “Deputy” software are included in this article.

Restraints in employment agreements

By Rodney Commins & Lachlan Commins, Patterson Houen & Commins, Lawyers, Sydney.

Employers have a legitimate interest in protecting their confidential or commercially sensitive information not in the public domain. Confidentiality obligations are often specified in the employment contract but even if they are not they will be implied as a matter of law. Often however employers will wish to go further and impose post-employment competition restraints especially on employees who have been in a position to establish close relationships with the employer’s customers.

In Australia and New Zealand, the MSI membership comprises eight legal and eight accounting firms located in the key business centres of Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney and North Sydney.

Should you require assistance in Australia and New Zealand and to find out more about our law and accounting member firms in the region, please visit the MSI AusNZ website.