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News & Knowledge

MSI Australia & New Zealand – February news-round up

19th February 2018

Each month MSI publishes a selection of articles written by MSI member firms in Australia & New Zealand highlighting important topical issues in the region.

Do executors and trustees need beneficiaries’ consent to sell estate property?
by Ms. Supreena Naidu, AP Legal, Lawyers, Fiji

In Fiji, the general presumption is yes, which is largely true under the Trustee Act. However, under the Succession, Probate and Administration Act (referred to as the SPAA), no consent is required. The instrument of trust, for example, a deed or will, determines which statute is applicable when selling estate property. Read the full article


Business skills migration to Australia
by Dominic Rollerson, McKinley Plowman & Associates, Accountants, Perth

Let’s face it, Australia is a great place to live. This fact does not go un-noticed by many overseas visitors. We are regularly approached by individuals and families who have been, or continue to be involved, in a long established business in an overseas jurisdiction, who are keen to migrate to Australia. Read the full article


Injury, illness or disability affecting you from working?
by Steve Quinn, Johnston Withers, Lawyers, Adelaide

When you’re injured at work and unable to do your usual job for a period, workers compensation will usually cover some or all of your lost income and medical expenses, but what if you suffer an injury or illness which has nothing to do with your work? Read the full article


In Australia and New Zealand, the MSI membership comprises legal and accounting firms located in the key business centres of Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney and North Sydney.

Should you require assistance in Australia and New Zealand and to find out more about our law and accounting member firms in the region, please visit the MSI Australia & New Zealand regional website.