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MSI Australia & New Zealand: January news-round up

5th February 2019

Pauline Rottstock

Each month MSI publishes a selection of articles written by MSI member firms in Australia & New Zealand highlighting important topical issues in the region. This is the news-round up for January 2019.

Co-Parenting Tips and Advice
by Vanessa Balnaves, Johnston Withers -Lawyers, Adelaide

For parents who have separated, the holidays can be a challenging period. Being separated can increase tensions as you juggle a range of family relationships and expectations over the school holidays and during Christmas. You may want to spend Christmas with your child. The child’s other parent and perhaps extended family members, will probably want the same thing. If the adults in a family are in dispute over these arrangements, it is likely that children will be affected and this can cause a great deal of distress to them.
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Seven steps to entering aged care
by Maureen Allan, Morrows – Accountants, Melbourne

Australia has a robust aged care system designed to support the elderly with quality care when they need it the most. However, engaging professionals for care, either at home or by moving to an aged care facility, is often a difficult and emotional decision that may cause stress for the whole family. With a variety of options available, it can be overwhelming to uncover what’s best for you during this emotional phase. Needless to say, knowing the lay of the land is crucial to ensuring you make an informed decision.
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What you need to know about Pre-Nuptial Agreements
by Jason Bell, Johnston Withers – Lawyers, Adelaide

It is comparatively unusual for Family Law cases to be finally decided in the High Court and when they are, the High Court’s decisions provide important guidance for clients and their lawyers. The High Court Decision in Thorne v Kennedy provides important guidance about the circumstances in which pre-nuptial agreements are legally binding on the parties.
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