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News & Knowledge

MSI Australia & New Zealand: July news-round up

13th July 2016

Each month MSI publishes a selection of articles written by ANZ MSI member firms highlighting important topical issues in the Australia & New Zealand region.

Succession Planning for Baby Boomers

By Dominic Rollerson, McKinley Plowman & Associates, Accountants, Perth

With Australia’s ageing population, its workforce is also facing a huge transformation. Succession planning is important for any business, but as the baby boomer generation continues to retire in waves, it’s more vital now than ever.

Lack of succession planning means many may risk leaving it too late to hand over their businesses to younger generations or to get the best sale price for their business in the future. Read More

Certain Duties Abolished from 1 July 2016

By Adam Littlewood, Cutcher & Neale, Accountants, Newcastle

Good news! On 13 June 2016, NSW Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian confirmed that the NSW Government in its upcoming 2016-17 State Budget (set down for 21 June 2016) will abolish the following duties from 1 July 2016. Read More

The difference between libel, slander, defamation & injurious falsehood

By Patrick McCabe, Johnston Withers, Lawyers, Adelaide

Many words are bandied about to describe a statement made about a person that hurts that person’s reputation or makes them lose money. There are two main categories of legal action you might take against someone who makes a hurtful statement about you. The first is defamation, the second is injurious falsehood. Two additional terms, libel and slander, are often used. Read More

Sweeping changes to Superannuation

By Peter O’Callaghan, MSI Taylor, Accountants, Brisbane

In the lead up to Australian Federal Budget, there was much debate about potential changes which reverberated across political and mainstream press. When the Budget was released in early May it announced sweeping superannuation changes which will affect many of our clients. Here we highlight the key changes to superannuation. Read More

Choosing the right Business Structure

By Dominic Rollerson, McKinley Plowman & Associates, Accountants, Perth

As advisers to both domestic and international businesses, we are often asked “What is the right business structure for my business?” The stock reply of the industry “it depends” does not always cut the mustard in today’s information hungry society.

In our experience and with a subtle antipodean flavour, our retort is usually prefaced with “take a seat, and let me explain.” Read More


In Australia and New Zealand, the MSI membership comprises seven legal and eight accounting firms located in the key business centres of Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney and North Sydney.

Should you require assistance in Australia and New Zealand and to find out more about our law and accounting member firms in the region, please visit the MSI ANZ website