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MSI Global Alliance partners with ‘Global Connect’

6th February 2019

Pauline Rottstock

A strategic alliance between leading independent accounting associations DFK International and AGN International has been expanded with the addition of multi-disciplinary partner, MSI Global Alliance (MSI). MSI is the first to join 'Global Connect' since it was established as a new collaboration between DFK and AGN in January 2018.

MSI brings a new dimension to Global Connect as a leading international association of both legal and accounting firms.

Global Connect was launched by DFK and AGN to provide their members with greater resource and coverage to best serve the international business needs of clients, whilst continuing to operate as fully autonomous organisations.

The success in its first year has prompted the founders to now welcome MSI in a planned expansion to incorporate like-minded organisations representing other professional disciplines.

MSI has been established for over 25 years and has 260 independent legal and accounting member firms in more than 100 countries, making it comparable in size and geographic reach to DFK and AGN.

DFK has 220 member firms in more than 90 countries, and AGN has approaching 200 member firms in over 80 countries. All three associations have their global headquarters in London, UK.

Timothy Wilson, chief executive of MSI Global Alliance, said: “We see this as a great opportunity which will have mutual benefits for all parties in ensuring that we remain strong and competitive in a changing market. The beauty of Global Connect is that it provides a default setting in seeking support in a specialist area. If MSI has not got a member in a particular area, we can go to DFK and AGN and similarly, we have some 130 law firms able to assist their members with legal support.”

Martin Sharp, executive director of DFK International, and Malcolm Ward, chief executive officer of AGN International, said MSI was an obvious choice as a first partner.

Martin said: “Clients of our member firms often seek legal support when moving into other jurisdictions and MSI Global Alliance gives us a step into the legal market, as well as increasing our coverage of accountants. The success of Global Connect in the first year has exceeded our expectations. We had more cross-border interest and confidence among our firms to work with each other than we had anticipated, generating at least one referral a week.”

Malcolm said: “This expansion is first and foremost about making sure the clients of the members of our associations have access to the best possible solutions. The reason this alliance has worked so well with DFK and AGN having this additional coverage where needed is that we have good symmetry and close trust. MSI are similar to us but also bring a new dimension with their multi-disciplinary nature.”