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Peru: The Patent Prosecution Highway Agreement

12th December 2016

OMC Abogados & Consultores

The Patent Highway agreement (PPH) came into effect on 1 July 2016 and was executed by the member states of Chile (INAPI); Colombia (SIC); Mexico (IMPI); and Peru (INDECOPI). MSI's Peruvian law member OMC Abogados & Consultores explains more.

The PPH agreement aims to reduce the time taken to process patenting an invention by allowing patent applicants to request that INAPI Office of Later Examination (OLE) which accelerates examination.

Following a positive patent examination by OLE, applicants will be able to proceed to request protection for their invention from the Patent Office. The request must be signatory by the PPH and meet the guideline requirements.

Should you require further information or assistance in this area please contact OMC Abogados & Consultores.