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Portugal: Green Book – The Future of Labour

10th November 2021

We live in an era of constant technological disruption. We are witnessing the emergence of new business models that transform the market and introduce profound changes in work organization and human resources management policies. In this comprehensive report, MSI's Portuguese accounting member Moneris provides a detailed update and valuable insights on Portugal's labour market.

The pandemic was responsible for a series of conjunctural  changes in the Portuguese economy with an impact on the labour market, on the transport and trade sector in general, as well as for the implementation of changes that may prove to be structural, such as remote work, massification of video conference meetings, distance training, among others.

At the economic and financial level, many companies experienced serious difficulties in terms of liquidity and, consequently, of treasury management, in resorting to teleworking due to the high financial investments and the scarcity of equipment due to the interruption of the supply chains, in accessing support and employment incentives.

The Moneris’ Technical Labour Committee has closely followed the concerns and challenges of companies and entrepreneurs, having publicly disclosed several publications, including guides to support the maintenance of jobs, the recovery and normalization of business activity, as well as promoting the development of webinars and pro bono debriefing sessions open to the general public.

Moneris created a Crisis Management Taskforce formed by eight senior specialists from different areas of expertise, enabling a holistic assessment of the needs of the market, in general, and our clients, in particular.

As responsible for providing human resource management solutions, under an outsourcing regime, to entities that employ around 25,000 workers, we assumed our responsibility in reflecting over the future of labour and developing new solutions that contribute to greater sustainability, to fairer and more inclusive work models, to enhance workers’ skills, optimize remote work, and other more flexible and hitherto atypical modalities.

Within the available time, we sought to add value to as many topics as possible, expressing our willingness to share additional content, even if at a later stage after the public consultation deadline.

Download the full report here >>

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