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Portugal: The Economic and Social Stabilisation Programme (PEES)

6th July 2020


As part of the package of government measures to boost Portugal's economy, the Economic and Social Stabilisation Programme (PEES) was created as a set of company support measures. MSI's Portuguese accounting member firm Moneris provides further insight on the main measures for companies.

The four main areas of the measures are:

  1. Tax measures
  2. Employment measures
  3. Financing measures
  4. Support and incentive measures

The PEES measures are split into three different phases:

An emergency phase, focused on the health response but also aimed at supporting companies and employees while their business is at a standstill, thus avoiding the irreversible loss of jobs and productive capacity.

A stabilisation phase, which will continue until the end of the current year, to help families and companies overcome the difficulties caused by the pandemic, supporting the sustained resumption of economic activity.

And, finally, an economic recovery phase, aimed at the structural adaptation of the Portuguese economy to a post-COVID reality.

As outlined in the document, “while an initial phase consisted of controlling the pandemic without killing the economy, what is important now is to restart the economy without letting the pandemic spiral out of control.”

Download the full document on Portugal: The Economic and Social Stabilisation Programme (PEES)