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Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP launches certified Legal Project Management Team

14th February 2017

MSI's South Carolina and Georgia law member Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP is pleased to announce the launch of the firm's Legal Project Management team.

Leading the team are Fred M. Wood Jr., Evan M. Sauda, and Doug Woods, all of whom are Legal Lean Sigma® certified, and Neale Johnson, whose many years of experience representing the construction industry give him the practical knowledge of project management principles that allows the firm to implement Legal Project Management effectively for the benefit of its clients.

Clients can expect to collaborate with the firm to apply to their matters tailored Legal Project Management principles, including process improvement, technology, and value-based pricing for select engagements, to drive quality, value, and client satisfaction.

“We believe it’s time to work the way our clients work in the way we manage and deliver legal services,” said Fred Wood. “Leveraging Legal Project Management principles benefits all clients, but Legal Lean Sigma® techniques, in particular, benefit those with high-volume repetitive legal needs, such as lease negotiations, responding to subpoenas, and similar-issue litigation, offensive or defensive. Applying Legal Project Management principles and Legal Lean Sigma®, as we’ve adapted it, allows us to provide further cost savings, efficiency, predictability, and pricing transparency. This is what our clients are asking of us.”

The firm is committed to leveraging Legal Project Management and value pricing strategies to deliver legal work to maximize efficiency and client satisfaction. As an added benefit, Legal Lean Sigma® certified attorneys also offer a spectrum of consulting services that range from designing overall process improvement and project management strategies to solution implementation for law departments.

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