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SRA Partners announced winner of MSI Month 2017

6th November 2017

Pauline Rottstock, MSI Global Alliance

MSI Month 2017 successfully concluded on 30 September. Throughout September member firms world-wide were involved in a variety of activities promoting the benefits of MSI to staff, clients and prospects. The winner of MSI Month 2017 was announced at MSI's International Conference in Tokyo.

MSI’s recent International Conference in Tokyo provided an excellent platform to showcase all MSI Month activities by our members worldwide. All member firms that participated in this worldwide marketing initiative were individually recognised and received a special gift to reward their efforts in promoting the benefits of MSI membership to their staff and clients.

Six MSI member firms were shortlisted for ‘MSI Month 2017’ as their MSI Month campaigns and activities were innovative, engaging and achieved to increase awareness of MSI within their firms:

  1. Maurice Philips Wisenberg, Cape Town – South Africa
  2. Vieira Coelho Advogados, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
  3. SRA Partners, Port Louis – Mauritius
  4. Atherstone & Cook, Harare – Zimbabwe
  5. Ruitenburg adviseurs & accountants, Rotterdam – Netherlands
  6. Chetcuti Cauchi, Valletta – Malta

We are delighted to announce that MSI’s Mauritius member SRA Partners was crowned ‘WINNER OF MSI MONTH 2017’ as the firm particularly impressed with the variety of MSI Month activities and successfully raised awareness of the scope and capabilities of MSI within the firm and beyond. SRA Partners truly embraced MSI Month through a well-structured and thought through MSI Month campaign.

Overall, 37 member firms celebrated MSI Month 2017.

Thank you to all MSI member firms that participated in MSI Month this year!