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The Global Year in Breach 2021: What happened in 2020, why it happened and what to do next

22nd June 2021

MSI's NYC accounting member Gettry Marcus, in conjunction with its strategic relationship with Total Technology Solutions (“Total”), has been proactive in educating its employees on the importance of preventing cybersecurity threats to the firm. In a recent global report 'Total' examines the 2020 cybersecurity story and provides insights into how global events can rapidly transform the cybersecurity landscape. There were 5 key trends that transformed 2020 and will impact 2021. 

5 Trends That Transformed 2020

  1. The exponential increase in phishing
  2. Third-party and supply chain data breaches
  3. Cybersecurity weaknesses triggered by the remote workforce shift
  4. Ransomware everywhere
  5. The increase in dark web danger

If you want to learn more about these threats and how to prevent them in 2021, click the link below for the full article.

Read the full report on ‘The Global Year in Breach’

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