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Vanhier B.V. promotes MSI membership internally

20th February 2017

MSI’s Dutch accounting member Vanhier B.V. held an internal meeting on Thursday 2 February 2017 to promote its membership with MSI to staff members.

Vanhier B.V. presented to its staff members outlining the benefits of its membership with MSI and highlighting the firm’s international capabilities.

The meeting also informed attendees about the firms’ plan for this year, including the attendance of MSI conferences and participating in MSI’s internal marketing campaign – MSI Month 2017. All staff members got the opportunity to ask questions and learned more about MSI, which helped create greater awareness of the association within the firm.

About Vanhier B.V. - Amsterdam

With five branches in and around Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Vanhier offers a complete range of accounting, auditing, financial, and tax services as easily available and accessible to foreign as well as Dutch companies.

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