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Exclusive membership offer: IT Advice Clinic & Health Check

MSI is pleased to introduce a new, free 'IT Advice Clinic & Health Check', which gives members worldwide access to independent IT strategists who are experts in the accountancy and legal fields providing one-to-one advice and solutions on IT matters.

This service is provided in partnership with Jeremy Hyman Associates (JHA), the leading independent experts in this sector based in the UK. JHA acts as independent IT advisors to CPA and law firms globally.

MSI member firms can book one of the following free sessions with JHA:

  1. A 45 minute “health-check” call, to run through your key production and admin systems and the infrastructure they sit on, providing you with informed insight into your current and future choices.
  2. A 45 minute “IT clinic” call, where you brief JHA on a particular issue or challenge you are facing and we work through the various solutions you might consider with you.

JHA’s service is independent, unbiased and expert and involves no additional commitment on your part. JHA will not try and cross-sell or up-sell, but simply provide the services listed above.

To arrange a booking, please contact Adina Rabinowitz at Jeremy Hyman Associates.

We hope you will be able to make use of this valuable service and use it to inform your firm’s IT strategy.