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Global Business Compass: Become an expert in global business culture

The key to international business success is knowledge. To work effectively across different cultures and countries you need to have the skills and information to navigate complex modern commercial environments.

Global Business Compass is packed with essential global culture-specific training, video master classes and resources to get you quickly up to speed so you can take your international relationships, career and business results to the next level.

Watch this short video demonstration to find out more >>

How to access the Global Business Compass
MSI members gain free access to the Global Business Compass, in three simple steps:

  1. Click on the following link MSI Global Business Compass
  2. Enter your details to create your account
  3. Enter the access code: Compass20

For assistance please contact the MSI Secretariat team

Information on all MSI Learning & Development programmes is available on MSI MemberLink. Login here >>