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Global study: Professional services and tackling climate change

ACCA is inviting MSI Global Alliance member firms to participate in a global survey to assess and advance the contribution that professional accountants can make to tackling climate change.

To take part in the global survey, please click here >>

The survey is also available in different language options:

Survey in Turkish >>

Survey in Russian >>

Survey in Spanish >>

Survey in Brazilian Portuguese >>

More information

Climate change places a responsibility on governments and regulators, and on business leaders and financial decision makers to act. Financing a rapid transition to a net-zero, climate-resilient economy will require significantly greater investments in sustainable and low-carbon assets. There is an obligation on each of us to drive this agenda as we look to post Covid-19 recovery, ensuring we create a more sustainable and resilient economy.

The survey will learn from your views and experiences on how business and financial decisions can take climate change into account. Your answers will help inform a global research programme ACCA is publishing in the lead up to the UN Climate Summit COP 26, alongside wider research reports into sustainability and climate change.

You are welcome to forward this message to accountant colleagues who may wish to take part in the global survey.