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What is MemberLink

MemberLink is MSI’s members-only intranet site which provides members with access to a variety of documents, updates, technical briefings and other information.

MemberLink gives each registered person at an MSI member firm their own personal account and profile.  Every firm also benefits from a rich profile that can be used to promote the skills and knowledge available to other MSI member firms worldwide.  Updated regularly, MSI MemberLink is an essential resource for all our members.

How do I register on MemberLink?

To register on MemberLink, please send an email to MSI’s marketing team. Your request should be approved within one working day at which time you will receive an email with your username and password.

Is it possible for one person at our firm to manage all of our MemberLink profiles?

Every firm can assign a MemberLink Champion who can manage the firm’s and all staff profiles centrally. To assign a Memberlink Champion for your firm, please contact us.

Will my profile be visible on the MSI website?

Your profile will not be visible on the MSI website unless you are one of the Top 3 MSI contacts for your firm. Your information is however visible and searchable for other MSI members on our intranet, MemberLink.


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