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About Us

Who We Are

Conducting business successfully across international borders not only requires detailed knowledge of local laws, tax systems, regulations and customs, but the experience, skills and resources to support business activities on a global scale.

This is where MSI Global Alliance (MSI) comes in. With a successful track record of over 30 years, MSI is a global association of over 250 independent legal and accounting firms in more than 100 countries.

We recognise that a wide range of professional advice is often needed when conducting business overseas. This is why we bring together member firms with knowledge and experience in a wide range of disciplines. They provide local expertise and global reach to a wide variety of clients in many different industries.

We carefully select a single MSI full-service legal and accounting member firm in each jurisdiction. They work closely together to provide integrated, multidisciplinary services to meet each client’s legal and regulatory obligations and growth ambitions.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the first choice multidisciplinary association for ambitious independent legal and accounting firms seeking to compete in the global economy through regular referrals and constructive relationships with other member firms.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide an efficient and effective association framework that enables our member firms to expand their businesses.

MSI enables members to:

  • be globally competitive
  • enhance the services and support they offer to their clients
  • benefit from cross-jurisdiction referrals
  • exchange knowledge and best practices with other professionals in a non-competitive environment
  • participate in ongoing training and educational opportunities to enhance their prestige and reputation.


Quality, efficiency and competence are key aspects of the service we provide to our members; and our member firms must equally live and breathe these professional qualities for each other and their clients.


A commitment to working together sits at the heart of our association – to maximise the value and service MSI provides to members and to enable our members to compete in a global marketplace.


MSI and our members deliver fast, efficient, accurate and friendly responses – to maintain the effectiveness of our association and strengthen our reputation as a dynamic association that listens and acts on the needs of both members and clients.


Building our association and helping our members build their business drives us – we seek constant improvement in everything we do, we create and maximise opportunities and we maintain an entrepreneurial spirit to drive innovation and growth.

Our Principles

Our principles help us in our aim to remain a truly global organisation, attract respected member firms and ensure the quality of the multidisciplinary services they provide. These principles help us, and our member firms, compete in a volatile and changing market.

Global focus

A strong emphasis on global reach, with members throughout the key and emerging jurisdictions of the world. Our members reflect regional differences, but maintain an international outlook, forging relationships across the globe.


Avoiding competition among member firms whilst encouraging cross-jurisdiction collaboration by providing exclusivity to member firms in their respective jurisdictions.


Robust scrutiny of prospective and current member firms, to ensure they are trustworthy, efficient and professional with strong reputations in their local markets.


Focusing on the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach with an equal balance of law and accounting firms.


Allowing member firms to retain their independence without centralised control by remaining an association, while providing value-adding support services to members such as marketing and business development.