Principles & Values

Our principles


We pride ourselves in our multidisciplinary approach with a balance of law and accounting firms working collaboratively to serve the global needs of their clients.


Quality and professionalism must be consistent wherever clients are working with our members. Our members must comply with the guidelines and regulations set by their respective governing bodies.


We have a strong emphasis on global reach, with members throughout the key jurisdictions worldwide. Our members reflect regional differences, but maintain an international outlook, forging relationships across the globe.


We are an association of independent firms, enabling members to maintain their own approach to strategy formulation, decision making and operational delivery.


Our member firms have exclusivity in a defined jurisdiction where they have the appropriate capability and capacity, with flexibility where required.

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Our values


Our members collaborate actively with other members to deliver mutual benefit. Members contribute to the MSI community, which demonstrates their commitment to build trust and confidence among firms and clients. 


Our members operate in an environment of trust and respect, with behaviours reflecting the diversity of our membership firms and their clients. 


Our member firms provide a high level of professionalism for other firms in the areas of accuracy, competency, reliability, and efficiency. 


Our members operate 24/7 across times zones to deliver the fast, professional and friendly responses that clients require. 


MSI and our member firms are ambitious, striving for success and seeking out new opportunities.  

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