Why choose to work with MSI member firms?

MSI Global Alliance is one of the world's leading associations of legal and accounting firms. Drawing on their wealth of combined experience, MSI’s accounting, legal and advisory member firms deliver multidisciplinary solutions supporting all your business needs.

Seamless service

MSI member firms provide seamless and efficient access to lawyers and accountants around the world who can support clients with pan-national, international and multinational needs.

Quality ensured

Member firms are carefully vetted before joining MSI and comply with the guidelines and local regulations set by their respective governing bodies.


Clients receive cost effective partner-led service, with a single point of contact providing local expertise.

Client focus

Member firms are independently owned and managed by partners who are committed to involvement in their clients' business challenges. 

Breadth & Scale

MSI has over 250 member firms in more than 100 countries with over 17,000 professionals generating US$1.87 billion in revenues.

Like-minded firms

Member firms share an aligned set of values: professional, respectful, collaborative, responsive and ambitious.

How MSI member firms are supporting clients worldwide