In cooperation with Cyber Griffin, the City of London’s cyber crime unit, this engaging and accessible webinar has been designed to help MSI members improve awareness of the threat cyber security poses to individuals and organisations.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Social Engineering: Find out how cyber attackers take advantage of the traces we leave online to gather information about their targets.
  • Phishing/Smishing/Vishing: Learn about the various techniques utilised by attackers as delivery mechanisms for their attacks.
  • Account Security: Find out what you can do if your account has been compromised and how to proactively enhance your account security.

DC David Humphries, CEH of Cyber Griffin, City of London Police will run through examples of current cyber threats and provide advice for easy remediation, leaving you equipped with tools that you can use to stay protected at work and at home.

David will deliver his presentation in a highly informative and captivating style, which will make the webinar easily accessible for all participants.

Secure your place today!


DC David Humphries

DC David Humphries

CEH, Cyber Griffin, City of London Police

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