MSI Professional Skills Programme

- Achieving goals and managing time to maximise your 

Partnering with Phil Gott from Firm Academy, we are pleased to introduce our 2023 MSI Academy Professional Skills Programme to our membership, which will run over a period of 12 months.

Within four main pillars of performance, the programme’s monthly sessions will cover the following areas:

  • Self-development
  • Confident communication and influencing
  • Managing others
  • Delivering for clients and internal clients

Through a convenient blend of Zoom calls and online learning, the programme is practical, interactive and aims to elevate your professional skills to achieve greater success. It will help to meet your CPD requirements and is an opportunity to build relationships with like-minded professionals in MSI.

May Session:

Achieving goals and managing time to maximise your 

We all need to be focused and effective in the face of growing demands on our time and ever-increasing distractions. This session covers:

  • Finding your drive - the sweet spot between your passion, your skillset, what your firm and clients need
  • How bold, even audacious, long-term goals can help you
  • How to set objectives and follow-through on them and why will power and good intentions are not enough
  • The distractions we inherit (self-doubt, fear, ego) and how to silence them
  • Dealing with time-draining interruptions
  • Managing upwards and handling demanding clients
  • When to say ‘no’ and how to do so in a positive, non confrontational, way
  • Staying on track by developing good habits of achievement

Course times*:

Zoom: 08:00 or 17:00 on 3 May

*Participants can select one time slot for each of the zoom calls.


  • Attending a single session costs £75
  • The cost of the full 12-month programme is £525

To book your place and for further information please visit MSI Global Academy or contact the MSI Secretariat.

Course facilitator

Phil Gott

Phil Gott

Founder, Firm Academy

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