07 Jun 2022

CKH Group announces the formation of CKH Cares Inc.

MSI’s Atlanta accounting member, CKH Group, is pleased to announce the formation of CKH Cares Inc.

This is a not-for-profit organization designed to help our employees in times of dire need. Moved by the atrocities of the war in Ukraine, CKH Group felt compelled to assist our team members as they face unimaginable stress and devastation. Our Ukrainian team members have shown resilience and impressive bravery as they push forward day by day under great stress. While acknowledging their strength provides moral support, the CKH Group community decided that something more was needed to help our team members and their families. Currently, the mission of CKH Cares is to provide support and resources to Ukrainian members of the CKH Group team and their families impacted by global conflicts in Ukraine. If you would like to collaborate with CKH Group in assisting our Ukrainian team members feel free to head to our donation portal here: www.ckhcares.co 

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