02 Mar 2023

CKH Group launches sustainability and waste reporting campaign

MSI's Atlanta-based CPA member firm, CKH Group, is pleased to announce the launch of its sustainability and waste reporting campaign.

Environmental compliance can be extremely complex. Keeping up with the different requirements for the United States, Canada, and the EU alone pose a list of acts and directives that affect the way a company functions. These obligations can also change in the future, and as more requirements get passed, the larger the burden of responsibility may lie on you. That is why CKH Group is here to help you.

Through services such as:

  • Monitoring, interpreting, and summarizing legal requirements
  • Assisting in implementation of ERP changes due to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements
  • Registration support
  • Reporting support
  • And maintaining a centralized approach

Our team of waste specialists are equipped to address business specific needs by helping to meet obligations in different jurisdictions, find answers to technical questions on the application of specific rules, and interpret business obligations in a most cost-efficient way.

CKH Group will bring you credible professionals who know how to maximize their knowledge to minimize your tax burden. Our team not only understands the policies and obligations in the US, but also globally due to our presence across the world. CKH Group can take away the complicated steps of staying compliant with these environmental regulations so that your company can focus entirely on what you do best.

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