17 Nov 2023

JGC Audit & Consulting expands service portfolio

MSI's Yemen accounting member firm JGC Audit & Consulting is now offering internal audit services.

JGC Audit & Consulting is excited to announce that we are now offering internal audit services to our clients. Our internal audit service is designed to help clients identify and manage risks within their organisations, improve internal controls, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Some of the primary internal audit consulting services offered by Jalal Alghazali and Partner for Audit and Consulting Company (JGC):

  • Our company offers a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of developing, executing, and managing internal audit activities for businesses.
  • We conduct thorough quality reviews, commonly referred to as "health checks," to evaluate the efficiency and compliance of a company's internal audit function with regulatory standards.
  • We provide support in establishing and enhancing internal audit operations for companies, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet their audit objectives.
  • Our advisory services extend to audit committees and senior management, offering valuable insights and guidance to enhance their audit processes.