23 Feb 2023

Magnus Legal launches legal chatbot

MSI's Norwegian law member Magnus Legal launches the first chatbot solution in the Norwegian legal industry that is open to the public.

The chatbot, where everyone can ask questions, can answer simple questions and guide visitors through the website.  

Eirik Kristoffersen is an associate lawyer at Magnus Legal specializing in international tax and employment law. In addition, he is the driving force of this AI-project. He started at Magnus Legal in 2022 after several years at the tech firm Compendia, where he worked on developing chatbots for trade unions.

Kristoffersen came across a survey revealing that the legal industry in Norway had yet to introduce a chatbot solution. Kristoffersen presented what he believed was the value of chatbot technology to the team at Magnus Legal and then began the process of creating the chatbot.
"I know a good deal about chatbots and their value from my previous job. Like with the trade unions, our law firm receives many questions from our online audience that are time-consuming to answer, and a chatbot can often answer these questions effectively", Kristoffersen says.  

"I believe that the legal industry will benefit from this type of chatbot. Furthermore, I find digitalization exciting, and it`s great that Magnus Legal has backed me from day one on this project", he adds.

The chatbot, named “Magnus”, was launched 8 February on the Magnus Legal website. Kristoffersen underlines that it will not replace a lawyer but rather be a positive supplement for clients, visitors, and lawyers.

Not meant to be self-service legal aid
The chatbot is not meant to be self-service legal aid, and you will not get a legal assessment of your specific case. It is intended to be a service-bot service bot that works well for website visitors. The chatbot is good at answering simple questions and will also direct website visitors to the right employee and/or content.

Kristoffersen personally believes that it is increasingly more common to chat rather than call or send emails in today`s digital society.  The chatbot represents a low threshold offer where people can send questions anonymously. The chatbot stores the incoming questions and thereby provides useful information about what the website visitors are searching for.  

Will be further developed
Magnus Legal has collaborated with Compendia and Boost.AI to create the chatbot solution.

"The technology behind the chatbot has been developed by both Compendia and Boost.ai. They have succeeded in creating an incredibly useful tool with a lot of further potentials", says Kristoffersen. He also explains that after the initial launch, he will continue working towards this potential.

"When inquiries from real customers start coming in, we can develop the chatbot to be incredibly good. Having insight into which questions visitors really ask is key in the development of the technology".


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